Orangeries designs are fashionable residences that come in a classicized architectural form. The simplest explanation to what an orangery is would be a room with a glazed lantern which has been set into a flat roof, it is the indoor alternative for a patio shade. Modern orangery designs have masonry configurations in both doors and windows. These designs could be modified to become kitchen extensions, dining rooms, living room and even garden room. The choice is based on what one wants in terms of preference.

Orangery design tips

· Consider your proposed orangery design and the furniture you want to put in it

· A new orangery design can result in changing how some rooms have been used before

· Dwarf walls with a height of 600mm limit provision of unrestricted view of the garden areas.

· For virtually lighter structures, French doors should be considered.

· White windows in orangeries designs offer stunning outlook.

Orangery design features

· Burberry Harris moon feature mould blend transition from the plaster part to the lantern on the roof.

· Plastered ceiling perimeter when combined with glazed lantern defines an orangeries ukdesign.

· The original opening to a house can be a permanent opening and doors can be fitted while in fold back flat position.

· Dwarf walls range from 600mm and 900mm for kitchen for kitchen units.

· In orangery designs, flooring is usually made from engineered oak.